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MedicalRelay automates your patient communications! Get up and running in minutes with our automated, hosted solutions designed specifically for medical professionals. No hardware or software to buy... Get started with ZERO risk today!

MedicalRelay Appointment Reminder

Appointment Reminder

Improve customer service and reduce costs by automating your appointment reminder call-outs. No-shows can be significantly reduced, and cost savings can be realized with the MedicalRelay Appointment Reminder solution.

This hosted software calls your patients automatically, during office hours or in the evening when your patients are available, of their upcoming scheduled appointments, and will automatically receive confirmations or cancellations during the call. Imagine the time you'll save, and the signifcant reduction in no-shows that your practice will realize!

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MedicalRelay lab results

Lab Results on the Web

Free up your medical practice staff's time by providing an automated way for your patients to obtain lab results through this add-on solution.

Medical practitioners login to their MedicalRelay solution through this website, and enter in lab results for collection by patients via a unique user number and password. Lab results are either "normal" or "require an appointment be made to discuss results", and patients are provided with all the necessary contact information on their web-based report.

MedicalRelay hosted dictation

Hosted Dictation

MedicalRelay now offers dictation for all needs. We can customize MedicalRelay dictation for any need, as well as optionally provide access to transcription companies.

For companies needed to run their own hosting, refer to the open source TeleFlow Dictation environment.

Teleflow Medical Dictation
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