MedicalRelay has partnered with world-class Text-To-Speech, Speech Recognition, and voice hardware partners resulting in industry-leading hosted solutions.

Text-to-Speech Partners: (TTS)

Highly flexible, realistic-sounding voices read your customized text message to your patients. These partners provide us with the technology to make it happen:


NeoSpeech is the fastest growing provider of speech technology and applications. NeoSpeech offers the highest quality Text-to-Speech engines available today for U.S. English, and all major Asian and European languages. Their VoiceText TTS engine is the most flexible high-quality TTS solution on the market today.


With over 30 years of R&D expertise, Loquendo is at the forefront of the global speech technologies market. Its high-quality, high-performance technologies (Loquendo TTS - text to speech, Loquendo ASR - automatic speech recognition, Loquendo Speaker Verification) and platforms guarantee systems integrators the best solutions in 16 languages and 38 voices - with more coming soon. Loquendo Speech technologies support all the most advanced standards in the speech scenario, this includes MRCP v1 and MRCP v2, and power millions of calls every day in the telecommunications and enterprise markets throughout the world.

Speech Recognition Partners: (SpeechRec)

Performing speech recognition on audio data, speech recognition allows patients to drive our solutions in a speech-based navigational environment. Some solutions also offer barge-in, allowing interaction at any time without waiting for a prompt.


LumenVox is a developer of accessible speech technologies with years of experience in the development, implementation and support of speech driven applications. Their technology comes from an assemblage of many best of breed, open source algorithms from leading universities and private industry PhDs, consultants, and developers.


In an era where a focus on the customer is essential to business success, Nuance provides leading companies with voice-automation solutions that enable both an outstanding customer experience and corporate cost efficiency. Nuance is a leader in the voice automation market, providing software and solutions to more than 1,000 companies worldwide.

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