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You'll find answers to FAQ in this section. This area will grow as we compile common questions from our users.

Q: How do I perform a test call-out before calling all my patients?

A: Test call-outs can be done by choosing "test call" in the thin client of Appointment Reminder. When this option is chosen, only the first call in the list will be made to the number provided.

Q: How do I see the calls made, and which appointments were cancelled in Appointment Reminder?

A: There are currently 3 different types of Appointment Reminder reports available, once you log into the client report area. The 'Current Report" provides the administration staff with the list of recent call-outs for upcoming appointments that were made, and breaks the calls down into the type of response that occured. The "Historical Report" provide the team with a list of call counts based on a specific time frame specified in that screen. Finally, the "Historical Detail" lists all calls made with the specific detail of the appointment date, time, phone number and call detail, based on a timeframe specified by the logged in user.

Q: What practice management software is supported with Appointment Reminder Premium Edition?

A: Future versions of this hosted product will natively support many practice management software packages. Please contact us for details on future versions, or to request support for a particular practice management software.

Q: How do I cancel my monthly account?

A: To cancel your hosted solution, please email: with client sign-in and password referenced in email. Any included calls remaining will be available until the end of the billing cycle, and your subscription will not continue past next billing period.

Q: What about the money-back guarantee?

A: You may, within your first month of service, cancel your account and request our money-back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied with your subscription. We strive to provide a hassle-free way to ensure you are completely satisfied with all of our hosted solutions.

Q: I have a question but I don't see the answer here. Where do I look?

A: If you have any questions about any of our solutions that isn't listed here, please email us directly.

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