Automate many of your practice's communication tasks that previously required staff time to manually handle. MedicalRelay hosted IVR solutions help practitioners increase the efficiency and reduce staff costs.

MedicalRelay Benefits

  • No hardware to buy or configure
  • No expensive phone system required
  • Detailed reporting from any internet connection, providng instant access to information about call-outs, including cance lled appointment notification
  • Low cost of use - Reduce call handling costs and streamline your operations
  • Thin client that can accept data uploads in multiple types for daily patient call-outs
  • Quick configuration of business rules
  • Reduce staff costs with Lab Results, an easy-to-use interface which allows patients immediate access to the results of their recent lab tests
  • No software to upgrade and manage
  • Easy-to-use web interface
  • Leading text-to-speech solutions generate extremely natural-sounding voices from text-based customized messages
  • Improve the communication flow and information available to your patients
  • Customized messages and wellness surveys available
  • Highly configurable operation
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